Australian Amateur Radio Station
432 MHz EME
After a number of years  since my first CW EME
contacts on 432 MHz I have finally placed 4 yagis
(BVO  / 8.5 wL)  on an elevation rotator  on my main
VHF-UHF tower.

The divider is "round tube in Rectangular" coaxial
line and is 3/4 wL long at 70cm.  

The mounting of my divider and preamp can be seen
in the photograph on this page.

The radio is a homebrew transverter followed by
my   MRF646 amplifier driving a GS-35b amplifier that
produces 1kW.  (* High power permit granted by
At present my IF driver is an FT2000 running at 28
My QRP Setup on 70cm

Link to my 70cm EME Log Book..........