Australian Amateur Radio Station
9 cm EME Page
Equipment on 9cm:

- A homebrew transverter based on the Zac Lau  no tune design
is used as the basis of the system.  This provides a low level
output to the PA.

- LNA is a DB6NT  Preamp  with NF of 0.73 dB  and a gain of 28.4

- Power amp is 2 combined "toshiba" 50 W amps.  Homebrew
splitters and combiners are used for  ~100 W output.

- Feed is a scaled version of the "RA3AQ" optimised septum
built out of 0.5mm copper sheet

- LO is a homebrew design that is PLL locked to a GPS derived
10 MHz signal through a "VE1ALQ" PLL board

- Initially it was thought that a Rx capability of 3456 MHz  would
be required,  but as it stands all currently active 9cm stations
have access to 3400 MHz and as such this is currently used.  A
2nd LO has been  built with appropriate switching to allow Rx in
the 3456 Mhz band.
Dish Feed:
The dish feed is a square septum feed with a transition to
a round septum and a choke flange to improve dish
illumination.  It is a scaled version of "RA3AQ's"   feed that
was optimised for 1296 to feed dishes with f/d of 0.39 -
0.45.  The feed was built out of 0.5mm copper sheet and
the septum is seam soldered into position.
Power Amplifier: 2 x Toshiba 55 W modules
The power amplifier uses splitters and combiners etched on "Ultralam 2000 "  teflon board.  With
100 W carrier for 30 seconds, there is no detectable heating of the board.  The amplifers utilise
isolators in the output so a standard impedance matching transformer was built for the
combiners.  Because of the isolators the need for isolation of the combiner ports is somewhat
diminished.  On the input a wilkinson Splitter is used with provision for an attenuator in each
line.  This provides an exceptional Port-Port isolation.
Audio Clips from 9cm EME:

                 VK3NX - ECHO

        VK3NX AS RECEIVED AT G3LTF      

         OK1CA  SSB  QSO  2014 DUBUS   

           DL7YC  SSB  QSO  2014 DUBUS

                              CW  and  SSB
Sun noise  =  11.3dB with SFU = 63

Moon Noise = 0.52 dB  @  Apogee

CS  / Gnd  =  5.0 dB
Dimensions and
test data of CP
Septum Feed.
List of stations
Currently On
or working to be on,
9cm EME.  (Courtesy of DF6NA)
"Eagle PCB Editor"  Board Files
Input Splitter (Wilkinson)
Output Combiner (Transformer)

EME 2008 presentation
by Peter Blair
on the
"Revival of 9cm EME"

Excellent technical info and pictures.
Echo  signal
RW1AW  SSB during 2008 ARRL
Link to my 9cm EME