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March 2010:

As I was hoping I managed to get on for the DUBUS events.

9cm  worked....OK1KIR  OK1CA  OH2DG  OZ6OL   G3LTF    DL4MEA    PA0BAT.
3cm worked...  OK1KIR  F2TU ES5PC G3WDG (#) ON5TA

I'm looking forward to the activity on 2.3 GHz in April

Feb 2010:

Since September last year, I have worked a few stations but not too much activity around the very busy
Christmas / New Year period.   I do plan to be active for the DUBUS contest weekends and am pleased that the
spread this year essentially allows 1 weekend for each uW band.

-Updated my logbook on these pages

September 2009:

My EME  activities have been non-existent over the last few months.  I have just returned from travelling around
Australia with the family.  We have been on the road for 3 months and have covered ~18,000 km in our camper-
trailer.  Once I have settled back into work and caught up on everything around the house,  I will "fire-up" the
EME system and will be available for skeds  from the beginning of October.

April 2009:

I operated in the DUBUS 10 GHz and 5.7 GHz weekends. It has been a while since I have been QRV on both
these bands.
On 10 GHz  I could only operate for 1 pass and worked only W5LUA and F5JWF.
On 5.7 GHz I worked  ES5PC  OK1CA   OK1KIR  JA4BLC (#)  JA6CZD  IK2RTI  W5LUA and CT1DMK (#)  and
also a new World record ?........  

I am looking forward to the 13 and 9 cm DUBUS weekends but I am available almost anytime for skeds on 13cm
- 3cm.  On 23cm  I have to change the feed hub  so I will wait until the 13 and 9cm weekends are over.

Feb 2009

My high power application for 1296 MHz EME has been approved by the ACMA.  I can now run 300W CW  for
EME purposes

Jan 2009:

Through November 2008 I became QRV on 23 cm. So far I am happy with the system and have worked 26 #
and a few on SSB. I think I will keep 23cm feed in place throughout January but then I will return to the higher
bands...Depending on requests!  Please email me for a sked.

20th / 21st Sept    ARRL & ARI:

I had a chance to operate in the ARRL & ARI  contest weekend on the higher bands.  I was looking forward to
the event but once again the short moon windows into the southern hemisphere meant I wouldn't have much
time to operate.  I decided to try and get on 4 bands by running on 2 bands per pass with 1 band change.  As it
turned out I was able to get a band change completed in 20 min.   I started on 9cm and 13cm  the first pass and
was delighted with the quality of signals.  I planned to operate the 2nd pass on 6cm and 3cm but unfortunately
high winds made it difficult / impossible to keep the 3.7m dish on the moon so I had to abandon operation 2 hrs
into the second pass with wind gusts recorded locally at 70 km/Hr.  The dish was fine in the "Park" position
(90deg) but trying to operate through these wind gusts may have brought some heartache. Unfortunately I had
to trudge back inside and just watch as the wind kept up all morning.

Stations worked:
9cm    W5LUA   RW1AW(#) (SSB)   OK1CA  and  DL4MEA

13cm   F2TU   DL4MEA   G3LTF   RW1AW (SSB)   G4CCH (#)    ES5PC (SSB)      HB9Q (#)
The  7 stations I worked in 75 min on 13cm all had BIG signals.

6cm    W5LUA    then I had to go QRT due to the Wx.

Most of you are aware of Alex's (RW1AW) big signal but I thought I would put an audio file of his  13 and 9cm  
SSB signal as received at my end up on the EME pages under the appropriate band pages.  To see the "S-
meter"  move to 9+  was very impressive and a reflection of his "big" signal.

Looking forward to the next activity weekend on any band!

7th June 2008:  9cm

The activity weekend on 9cm was once again a lot of fun.  I could only operate on the 7th June.
Worked:  W5LUA, VE6TA #, G3LTF,  LX1DB and OK1KIR.
Al's signal was 51-53 in SSB!   I am pleased with the performance of the 9cm system. I was able to work stations
right down to my moon set at 0 degrees and can hear my echoes through the ground noise.  A bigger dish is
probably the next improvement!

Thanks Peter G3LTF for the effort in getting these AW going on 9cm.  There seems to be quite a few New
stations,  if only they had windows to VK!

12th May 2008:   13cm.

On the 12th May I worked PA0BAT for a new initial X-band 2301 and 2320
Also Worked G3LTF with 569 / 539 signals near moon set.  Peter's signal was 53 -54 in SSB through Ground

I will leave my 13cm feed installed until closer to the proposed Activity Weekend on 9cm  in June......

18th April 2008    Dubus  April 12/ 13 report:

My list of stations for the WE:


13th  on 9cm   WKD -- W5LUA  OK1CA  DL4MEA#  G3LTF

The X-band issue was a problem due to some confusion about my postings on moon-net prior to the
contest.   In future when working Random on 13cm  X-band  I will transpose 2301.9**   for  2304.0**  and  
2320.0**........and apply the usual rules for Doppler adjustments.

If there are any other suggestions then please drop me an e-mail...tnx
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