Australian Amateur Radio Station
STaR -2
TrxAVR-b + Combo-STaR
The performance of the original pic-A-STaR by G3XJP (Peter) is exceptional and utilising Glenn's
boards and Ian's graphical interface the final transceiver takes "pride-of-place" for my HF operations.

Thanks to Glenn (VK3PE) and Ian (G3VPX) the TrxAVR Graphical display interface coupled with the
Combo-StaR board makes for the basis of a very good HF transceiver.

For full details and information on their hard work, and how to build this transceiver refer to:

Glenn's website:

and Ian's website:  

Below are some pictures of my build from the very start through to the end (?).

The amplifier module used is out of an IC-765 and delivers >120W.  I have once again used double
sided PCB material as the "internal chassis" but have added  aluminium angle to support the final
aluminium case.  Shielding of the individual modules is with brass  and tin plate.  I have tried to take
great care in eliminating any possible path for unwanted feedback and spurri with the use of "lots" of
ferrite beads and feed through decoupling capacitors,  The Graphics display is fully shielded to prevent
unwanted noise from getting into the RF parts and the whole "controller" section is again shielded from
the "RF" sections.